Our Philosophy

All classes are lively and creative with an emphasis on sound dance technique and stagecraft. We set high standards, BUT WE HAVE FUN!!

Dance training will strengthen your child, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, building character and self-confidence. These are qualities that will enhance their lives outside the dance studio. Children become energised, developing the ability to concentrate, and enjoy working as a team. Bodies become not only stronger but also flexible and co-ordinated, at the same time developing self-expression and musical awareness.

We provide a purposeful, fun and educational environment to learn the art of dance, music and performance. Instruction is offered for all ages and abilities. We promote the idea that learning and dancing are stimulating and enjoyable, and the effort is rewarding.

Students acquire self-discipline and respect for their art, while still benefiting from the creativity and movement. We aim to build self-confidence, encouraging dancers to be proud of their abilities and accomplishments.

There are regular opportunities for dancers to show their talent through examinations and at our annual show and dance festivals throughout the year.